Postcard Recreation Project – Schools

Today’s look at THE POSTCARD RECREATION PROJECT looks at old-timey postcards of elementary schools. I could only find old-timey postcards of Lowell, Lincoln, and the original Page. I could not find old-timey postcards of Garfield, Bryant, or Franklin. I’m sure they existed, but I can’t find any with my Google searches.

I’m not going to get into the history of elementary schools in Boone. I can’t seem to find much about it. I can only tell you that I went to Kindergarten and 1st Grade at Lowell. Then 2nd and 3rd Grade at Page. Then 4th, 5th, and 6th at Bryant. Lowell and Bryant have since been torn down. As has Garfield. I believe Page and Lincoln will also be torn down when the new school is built. But I believe that Franklin will remain. I could be wrong about that.

Here are the recreations:

New Lowell School - Boone - Iowa - 2244 - Original
New Lowell School – Original

New Lowell School - Boone Iowa - 2244 - Redux
New Lowell School – Redux

New Lincoln School - Boone Iowa - 2244 - Original
New Lincoln School – Original

New Lincoln School - Boone IA - 2247 - Redux
New Lincoln School – Redux

Page School - Boone Ia - Original
Page School – Original

Page School - Boone IA - Redux
Page School – Redux

The next time we look at THE POSTCARD RECREATION PROJECT it will also involve a school. I’m not sure how much gas is left in the tank for this project. But I’m sure there are about 4 or 5 of these posts left before putting this project to bed.