Truth Locks

I need to start by making a few photo contest announcements. First of all, the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon is the only photo contest I will be doing this year. Before the pandemic shut them down last year, I have been doing the Boone County Fair and the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest. I am not doing either of those for good reasons.

I’m not doing the Boone County Fair because I am going to be one of the judges for the Boone County Fair. That takes me out of the running there. I also recently achieved a several year long goal of becoming the Chair of the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest. Which also means I can’t enter that contest either.

However, I am very excited about taking over the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest. It is too late in the game to make a few of the changes that I want to make and Pufferbilly Days is now only a month away, but I can still make a few of the changes.

Graphic design is not my forte, but I did slap together a flyer I hope to see on social media and hanging up around town in the next few days. Have a look:

Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest Flyer - 2021

The entry deadline is only 2 weeks from today, so if you are interested in entering, better get on the ball!

Also, I got the results back (partially) from the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon:

Iowa State Fair Photography Salon Results Card - 2021

I don’t know what picture or how many pictures (but I’ll assume it is one for now) were accepted, but I’ll let you know after the conclusion of the Iowa State Fair.


Enough of that photo contest noise, here are some pictures I took around my yard:

Whispering Beauty - 2021

Truth Locks

Truth Locks

Truth Locks

Truth Locks

Truth Locks

Truth Locks

I’m hoping to rip out some of the bushes in my front yard out and replace one of them with a lilac bush. I do love lilacs so.

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  1. Lilacs immediately remind me of Olivia. As little girls, we spent countless hours in the tangled lilac bush “house” in my yard in Ogden. “Cooking” with their leaves, making “tea” with their seeds, and in that short early spring window, gathering as many fragrant blooms as we could carry. The colors of the lilacs in your picture exactly replicate those of the bush in my memory — redish purple buds opening to streaky/heathered lilac.

  2. Angie and Tamara,

    Thanks! Although I’m not sure all the congratulations will be warranted until the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest goes as well as I hope. But anything that happens this year I’m writing off as a learning experience.


    That is awesome that they triggered such great memories of Olivia. I’m hoping to plant at least one more lilac in my yard. Those lilacs have had many homes. They were originally planted at our first house on West 15th Street. Then some were moved to our house on 415 Greene Street. Then some more were moved from there to 111 South Benton Street. Then I moved some of them to 1416 Union Street. Teresa is going to move some to her new house and Carla to her new(ish) house. If you ever want a start of lilacs, you can hit me up! Lilacs are truly the best of bushes for so many reasons!

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