Town Sign Project: Cass County

A few weeks back I cruised around Cass County with Brandon and Logan harvesting the town signs of Cass County. We did a little more sightseeing in other counties than I normally do, so it was one of the rare trips where all the town signs are harvested were only in one county. It was a good trip.

Here are some facts about Cass County:

+ The population is 13,127 making Cass County the 58th most populous county in Iowa. Behind Allamakee County and above Wright County.
+ The largest town and county seat is Atlantic.
+ Established in 1851.
+ Named for Lewis Cass a Michigan senator and Democratic candidate for president in 1848.
+ Birthplace of Edwin Perkins, the inventor of Kool-Aid.
+ Major highways are: I-80, US-6, US-71, IA-48, IA-83, IA-92, IA-148, and IA-173.
+ Adjacent counties are: Audubon, Adair, Montgomery, Adams, Pottawattamie, and Shelby.
+ Population peaked in 1930 at 19,422.

The Cass County Courthouse looks similar to Boone’s City Hall:

Cass County Courthouse
Cass County Courthouse in Atlantic, Iowa.

The Cass County Freedom Rock is located in Lewis, Iowa:

Cass County Freedom Rock

Cass County Freedom Rock

Cass County Freedom Rock

Cass County Freedom Rock

With Cass County conquered, this is the updated Photography 139 Conquest Map:

Town Sign Project - 37 Counties

37 counties completed. 37.4% of the Cyclone State conquered.

Here are the town signs of Cass County (Population is 2020 Census. In parentheses is change since 2010 Census):

Atlantic, Iowa
Atlantic, Iowa
Population: 6,792 (-320)

Griswold, Iowa
Griswold, Iowa
Population: 994 (-42)

Anita, Iowa
Anita, Iowa
A Whale Of A Town
Population: 963 (-9)

Massena, Iowa
Massena, Iowa
Welcome to MASSENA
Population: 359 (+4)

Lewis, Iowa
Lewis, Iowa
Population: 357 (-76)

Cumberland, Iowa
Cumberland, Iowa
Welcome to Cumberland
Since 1884
Population: 215 (-11)

Marne, Iowa
Marne, Iowa
Population: 110 (-10)

Wiota, Iowa
Wiota, Iowa
Population: 91 (-25)

The worst town sign in Cass County is pretty obvious. It is Atlantic. Coca-Cola? We all know that RC Cola is the poo, so take a big whiff Atlantic*. However, if you get past how gross Coca-Cola is, Wiota’s sign or lack of sign was pretty awful. That Welcome to Wiota banner I found was hanging off some guy’s flagpole in his front yard. And what is with the handcuffs? Is Wiota the host to a big bondage convention? I guess only Dennis Andersen truly knows. But I like to think the gimp from PULP FICTION was originally from this little southwest corner of Iowa.

The best town sign is so completely obvious, I don’t even have to say it:

Anita, Iowa
Anita – Best in Show – Cass County

This was the rare Best in Show that I knew before I even got there. Carla went camping there earlier this year and sent me a picture of it. Anita’s town sign is so great, it could be the sign that goes on the cover of my future book.

Here are the alternate town signs of Cass County:

Marne, Iowa
Marne – Alternate

Lewis, Iowa
Lewis – Alternate

Lewis, Iowa
Lewis – Alternate

Cumberland, Iowa
Cumberland – Alternate

Atlantic, Iowa
Atlantic – Alternate

Anita, Iowa
Anita – Alternate

Anita, Iowa
Anita – Alternate

Here is the current list of Best in Shows:

Fontanelle, Iowa
Best in Show – Adair County

Audubon, Iowa
Best in Show – Audubon County

Norway, Iowa
Best in Show – Benton County

Moingona, Iowa
Best in Show – Boone County

New Hartford, Iowa
Best in Show – Butler County

Manson, Iowa
Best in Show – Calhoun County

Coon Rapids, Iowa
Best in Show – Carroll County

Anita, Iowa
Best in Show – Cass County

Dougherty, Iowa
Best in Show – Cerro Gordo County

Murray, Iowa
Best in Show – Clarke County

Ricketts, Iowa
Best in Show – Crawford County

Dexter, Iowa
Best in Show – Dallas County

Popejoy, Iowa
Best in Show – Franklin County

Scranton, Iowa
Best in Show – Greene County

Beaman, Iowa
Best in Show – Grundy County

Menlo, Iowa
Best in Show – Guthrie County

Stanhope, Iowa
Best in Show – Hamilton County

Britt, Iowa
Best in Show – Hancock County

Ackley, Iowa
Best in Show – Hardin County

Bradgate, iowa
Best in Show – Humboldt County

Ida Grove, Iowa
Best in Show – Ida County

Lynnville, Iowa
Best in Show – Jasper County

Lucas, Iowa
Best in Show – Lucas County

East Peru, Iowa
Best in Show – Madison County

Pleasantville, Iowa
Best in Show – Marion County

Haverhill, Iowa
Best in Show – Marshall County

Plover, Iowa
Best in Show – Pocahontas County

Bondurant, Iowa
Best in Show – Polk County

Malcom, Iowa
Best in Show – Poweshiek County

Nemaha, Iowa
Best in Show – Sac County

Collins, Iowa
Best in Show – Story County

Tama, Iowa
Best in Show – Tama County

Creston, Iowa
Best in Show – Union County

New Virginia, Iowa
Best in Show – Warren County

Badger, Iowa
Best in Show – Webster County

Joice, Iowa
Best in Show – Worth County

Woolstock, Iowa
Best in Show – Wright County

The next time we hit the open road for THE TOWN SIGN PROJECT we will make a stop in Adams County.

*Come for the high quality photography. Stay for the references to the 2000 Kirsten Dunst classic BRING IT ON.