Donut O’clock: Nevada Field Work

Here is your Bokeh Picture of the Week:


She had a pretty good week. Definitely a great week potty training. Made some progress on leash training. Saturday alone she had visits from Elainie, Sabas, Jay, and three separate sets of neighbors!


Friday was National Donut Day! While it is luck and a bit random, it is apropos that this week’s food adventure involves donuts! Bricktown Bakery in Nevada is a phenomenal bakery in Nevada. I wasn’t completely unfamiliar with their offerings. Elizabeth brings their donuts into the Computer Mine now and again. But I had never actually been there in person. I had only gotten a fix from the donut dealer.

Recently Elizabeth, Michelle, Micky, and I went to Nevada to attend a visitation for Kim’s father-in-law. After paying our respects, we went over to Bricktown Bakery to enjoy some sweets. Here are some pictures:

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery
The art on the wall was amazing!

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery
Recent pie frustration fills me with regret.

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery
What Micky looks like when he is dressed up.

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery
They also sell popcorn.

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery
Cy’s Favorite, has to be great right?

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery
Looks good?

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Donut O'Clock: Bricktown Bakery

Bricktown Bakery donuts are indeed delicious. Incredible! Amazing! Whatever superlative you want! I would definitely drive out of the way for their goodies. Now the popcorn… I’m not exaggerating when I say it is one of the worst foods I’ve ever had in my life. Period. You put a bag of chicken feet and this bag of popcorn in front of me and I have to eat all of one of them or something bad happens. I’m gobbling down those chicken feet.

Not a single person who tried it at the Computer Mine had anything but revulsion after they popped it in their mouth. I ended up giving the balance of the bag to Elizabeth to take home because teenage boys will eat anything. And the report that came back is that they did indeed eat it.

If I were giving Bricktown academic grades, their donuts are an A+++++ and the popcorn is an F—-.

You can find Bricktown Bakery here:

1105 6th Street
Nevada, Iowa

Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 7 AM–6 PM
Wednesday 7 AM–6 PM
Thursday 7 AM–6 PM
Friday 7 AM–6 PM
Saturday 7 AM–2 PM

Next Sunday’s food adventure will involve a finalist for Best Burger in Iowa.


How is my efforting to live a healthy lifestyle going?

This week my weight went down 2.9 pounds. I am now down 46.5 pounds since starting Noom. I have reached my most recent intermittent goal weight. I am 8.1 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight*. The weight I’m currently at is what I mentally think of as my kayak weight. When I started this journey, I decided that when I got down to this weight, I would go kayaking. So I need to look into doing that. I know where I can get a kayak at least.

So my new goal is to drop that 8.1 pounds by the 4th of July. That would be around 2 pounds a week, which seems realistic. Although. I can say for certain that after I reach my “ultimate goal weight” that goal weight will change. I’m going to guess with about another 25 pounds or so. We’ll see. I have to make that weight first.

I ate a little better this week again. Although, I have been crushing this bag of peanut butter cups that Elizabeth gave me, but balancing it with raspberries she also gave me. Then Michelle made me a carrot cake! Then I celebrated National Donut Day on Saturday. Then again today. I also crushed a Churro Split on Saturday. But other than that, my nutrition was pretty good this week. Lots of grilled tuna, vegetables, and fruits. I did try this “health soda” called OLIPOP. Spoiler, not really a heath drink. It is a healthier alternative than say regular or diet pop, but not really healthy. It was okay, but at the price (over $2 a can) I don’t need to buy any more.

Hopefully this is another good week. Maybe this is the week I make my triumphant return to the gym. I hope the juggling guy is still there!

But weight isn’t the only measure (or even the most important measure) of positive results. I’m not sure I can come up with any this week. Obviously there are. I guess I’ll just go with yardwork is definitely easier these days.

Since I started using Fitbit on February 20, 2024 (110 days) I’ve:

+ Taken 1,338,237 steps
+ Averaged 11,016 steps a day for the last 7 days
+ Walked 619.69 miles
+ Averaged walking 5.63 miles a day

That is all to report for now.

*Ultimate goal weight subject to change.

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