College Football Fan

College football season is nearly upon us. That means it is about time for those of you that think that you possess knowledge about the game need to put up.

Last year there were 8 of us who got together over the internet and put our pride wear our mouth resides. Bold proclamations were made. Football predictions were made. When the dust settled, Toby Sebring was crowned champion of the Gridiron Prophets.

That was last year though. The past is prelude. It is time once again to start the competition. It is time to reunite the Gridiron Prophets.

You might feel bad that you were not able to compete last year. Perhaps you think you have what it takes to be the “Champion of the Prophets”. You should put your pride wear your mouth resides and join the game.

This is not a sexist game. This is not an ageist game. I have no problem beating and humiliating men, women, small children, and the elderly. If you are interested in joining up with the Prophets and playing our College Football Prediction Game, drop me an e-mail at the address you will find below: