The People’s Choice – Round Two

I appreciate the input from the ten people who answered my call to help select my entries into the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest. Thank you.

After one round of feedback, 4 pictures have been overwhelmingly voted into the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest. However, I can enter 6 pictures. So I’m looking for feedback on those last two pictures. I have placed the 5 pictures that all tied with the same amount of votes for 5th place. Please take the time to select two of those 5 pictures that you think I should enter into the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest. The five contenders are:

2007 - Pufferbilly Days Contest Nominees
Cloud Sans Color

2007 - Pufferbilly Days Contest Nominees
Faux Sunset

2007 - Pufferbilly Days Contest Nominees

2007 - Pufferbilly Days Contest Nominees
Darrell’s Place

2007 - Pufferbilly Days Contest Nominees
Clouds with Color

One last request. Please don’t vote for both cloud pictures. It might muddle the issue.

24 thoughts on “The People’s Choice – Round Two”

  1. hi. it’s me again.
    i vote for darrell’s place and faux sunset.
    happy tuesday
    from me, sara junck

  2. I know you said only vote for two, but I like three. So, of course I love the Franklin photo. And like you told me about the judging of photography at the State Fair, judges love cuddly animals. Okay, maybe those weren’t your exact words, but close enough. Anyway, I also like Darrell’s Place and Clouds with Color.

  3. i like the clouds with color and Faux Sunset also … stupid copy and paste changing my text oh well. oh and i like the new set up, how did you get that up on a web page like that with your photos? I just love the new design of the page, it rocks my socks as they would say. that reminds me i need to update my web page and maybe ill share that with you. anyway its way past my bed time.


  4. I vote “Faux Sunset” and “Clouds Sans Color”. I like the picture of Franklin, but there are so many animal pictures that the two nature ones really grab my attention.

  5. From the gimp in West Boone, I have to vote for Faux Sunset as the color of the sunset is incredible and it invokes your mind to creat a story that starts at this very moment the picture is taken. When I see this I picture a great stallion raised in air on two legs and a headless horseman with his hand in the air promising all that stay will lose their heads! I digress… The second photo that I would go with would be Clouds Sans Color as again, the black and white brings out the depth and separation of each of the clouds. You can’t go wrong with any of the pictures, however, you can go incredibly right choosing these!

  6. When Storm Thorgerson of “Hipgnosis” (the man and company responsible for most of Pink Floyd’s cover art)was questioned about his design of the late sixties albumn “Atom Heart Mother”, he said that that particular photo of a cow was the most perfect cow photo ever. No photo before and probably ever would convey “Cow” as much as that particular photo, and while it really had nothing to do with the source material within the record, that was enough to make it memorable.

    It is this reasoning that leads me to my two choices.
    “Franklin” is truely a picture of a cat. And while that statement says very little in and of itself, that is enough to make it memorable. The other choice falls between two of the other photos.

    I really like “Clouds with Color” for the same reason….it is the ultimate picture of clouds and as such is very memorable, but I also really like “Faux Sunset”. It may not be the difinitive picture of a sunset, but it really is quite beautiful, and conveys a feeling of peace and a quiet end of the day. A little mystery remains with that sunset though. The day has closed quietly, but the night remains open to unlimited possibilites and anything is possible. Good or bad, it’s an evening you likely will never forget.

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