Watch the skies, everywhere! Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!

The final lines from one of my favorite movie is the title of this entry. I will give 2 points* to anybody that can tell me the title of the movie from which that quote came. However “my favorite movies” isn’t the topic of discussion of this brief foray into the world wide web. It is the sky.

To put it in plain English, it is what you will see if you look at the sky tomorrow. A lunar eclipse.

Want to see the lunar eclipse? Then check the graphic below (that I lifted from the NASA website) for showtimes in the CST!

I know a lunar eclipse isn’t as impressive as a solar eclipse just like how a moonroof isn’t as impressive as a sunroof. However, there won’t be a solar eclipse anywhere near Boone or one of its suburbs (Ames, Ogden, Madrid, Zook Spur, Frasier, Jordan, Ridgeport, Logansport, or Boonesburough) for a little less than 10 years. Even that solar eclipse will require a Boonie to hop in their hydrogen car and drive about 200 miles southwest. Most of Iowa will only be in the cruddy 80% solar eclipse zone.

Regardless of a lunar eclipse’s inability to blind you with its brilliance, I believe I might try to drag myself out of bed and head out into the country to enjoy it.

I am currently taking reservations for Bennett’s Skywatch. What I’m saying is: anybody else out there want to sit out in a field at 4 in the morning?

*I don’t really give away points or even have a point system. The two points aren’t redeemable for merchandise in the Photography 139 store. The two points is a baldfaced lie. Of course I am currently sort of in my naked face mode and it is well documented fact that you can’t trust a naked face. The best I can do is try to dig some Marlboro points out of the garbage can at work for you. Please don’t make me do that. But please let me know if you know the movie or want to join me in watching the sky.

5 thoughts on “Watch the skies, everywhere! Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!”

  1. I have to work but I’m going to try to get outside to see it!
    If you wanna, u can stop in and show me the pics ur going to take!
    We don’t bite, well one does, but she’ll be sleeping! LOL!

  2. I googled this movie and it sounds pretty interesting…definitely going to find it and watch it. I love science fiction.


  3. In fact it is a Thing from Another World. Remade by John Carpenter in the 80s. However, you need to identify yourself anonymous to get the two points.

  4. Wouldn’t want you to have to dive in a garbage can, so will pass on the two points.

    How was the sky? Did you get some good photos?

    I love Franklin’s green eyes!

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