So I’ve begun the task of creating the Photography 139 calendar. I printed out a few test images and hung them on my wall at the mine. I took some sticky notes and numbered them 1 through 12. Then I thought about my very general rules for selecting pictures to go with certain months and began placing the sticky notes on the pictures to indicate what month they could represent. After changing my mind and the order of the pictures I felt that I had a pretty fair idea about where each picture was going to go and what pictures had been eliminated from contention. I finished this part of the process on Monday.

I left my rough outline up on my wall. It hung there unmolested.

I left work on Wednesday at about 6:15.

I came into work this morning about 9 am.

The pictures were still there. The sticky notes were gone! I mean, really?

At this time I’m just going to chalk this up as just another one of the incredibly stupid things that our cleaning crew has done and I have put the sticky notes back up.

New Sticky Notes

Me and my two maybe three man crew hope to have the grand majority of calendars churned out on this Saturday. If you would like to order a 2008 Calendar, you may e-mail the address below:

Christopher D. Bennett

The price is a little bit different this year, but if you have ordered calendars in the past, you have been “Grandfather Claused” in at the old rate.