Prison Overcrowding

I don’t want to pile on, but what has been happening with the Iowa football team this season is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the state of Iowa. I’ve always thought that Ferentz was a great coach and I know that nobody can control 125 or so hormonal, young men all of the time; but with 3 new players now under investigation for sexual assault, that means that over 10% of the team has had trouble with the law. I believe that a coach should be able to make sure that less than 10% of their players aren’t jailbirds.

Take a look at the legal problems thus far this year:

– Ryan Bain (April 14): Disorderly conduct, drunk driving. Voluntarily transferred.
– Ricky Stanzi (May 5): Possession of alcohol. Backup quarterback.
– Dana Brown: Fifth-degree theft (May 15), domestic assault (Oct. 16). Kicked off team.
– Tyler Gerstandt (May 18): Possession of alcohol. Backup tight end.
– Arvell Nelson: Driving with a suspended license (July 2), failure to appear in court (Aug. 16). Backup quarterback.
– Bradley Fletcher (July 17): Drunk driving. Starting defensive back.
– Ben Evans (July 29): Drunk driving. Wide receiver.
– Anthony Bowman (Aug. 18): Unauthorized use of a credit card. Suspended.
– Dominique Douglas: Unauthorized use of a credit card (Aug. 18), fifth-degree theft (Oct. 30). Suspended.
– Clint Huntrods (Sept. 6): Public intoxication, public urination. Kicked off team.
– Lance Tillison (Sept. 16): Drunk driving. Second-team defensive back.

Perhaps the Hawks should just look into locking up their athletes all week and then let them out for games. It seems that it would be good practice for what many of them will face in their future any way.