FTP Issues

So a guy I work with hosts my website on his server. This is a pretty good deal for me because he doesn’t charge me a plum nickel and I get pretty much all the space I could ever want. However, he recently moved my website to a different server. That is fine. The new server is faster and has all sorts of fancy bells and whistles. However, he really does not want to make this new server a FTP server. This means that I can’t really make changes to my website because I can’t FTP into it. He really wants me to use this program that automatically publishes to the server through something like Port 80. That would be fine IF I wanted to use this program and if I could select which port to FTP though on blogger AND if wanted to use this program, which I really don’t. Therefore, it may be a week or so before I can convince him that I need some kind of FTP capability or we reach some kind of compromise before you see any changes on the website. This means that for those of you that have been waiting for the pictures from the Colorado game to be posted – hang in there. They are still coming.

Yesterday kind of sucked because the Cyclone got dismantled. What happened to them wasn’t half as embarrassing as what happened in Iowa City. I’m not referring to the loss to a MAC school that is most likely going to keep the Hawks walking the streets of Iowa City this December. Losing on the field is one thing. The embarrassment I’m talking about is Iowa fans booing their team as they left the field on Saturday.

I’ve been put in the position of defending Iowa fans a lot lately. I tell people that they aren’t bad, there are just a few bad apples. However, I can’t come up with a defense for booing your own team.

Granted, I’m not a fan of booing as a general rule. When I plunk down my cold hard cash for a season ticket and head into Jack Trice Stadium, I have only one motivation. I’m there to cheer for the Cyclones. Let me repeat that because in a movie I saw today somebody said, “In this day and age, optimism is a revolutionary act.” I’m there to cheer for the Cyclones. I’m not there to boo the other team. I’m there to support my team. I’m not there to disparage their opponent. In this day and age, sportsmanship has become a revolutionary act.

I might on occasion in the heat of the moment allow a boo to escape my lips when the referees have bungled a call or an opponent has displayed poor sportsmanship. Never has the thought of booing the Cyclones ever even crossed my brain. Never.

What makes the actions of Iowa “fans” even more reprehensible is the fact that this was Senior Day. Players like Adam Shada, Albert Young, Damian Sims, Mike Klinkenborg, Tom Busch, and Kenny Iwebema left Kinnick Stadium for the final time as players. They left the field to a chorus of boos. Those guys gave their heart and soul to that football team. They deserve better than that. Win or lose. The effort of those players demands your respect and it makes me sick to think that their final memory as Hawks is being booed off the field by their own fans.

I’m done defending Iowa fans.