Greetings from London

You will most likely appreciate this a little bit more if you actually know Nader, because this is Classic Nader.

I haven’t traveled farther than Des Moines from my front door this entire year. Yes, I know that is exceedingly pathetic and that error will be corrected in roughly 9 days. I don’t want to give too much away, but my plans involve a really big Jesus.

Fortunately for me I have friends and family that travel and I can live vicariously through them. When people I know go to interesting places and ask me what I want, I tell them postcards. Only, I don’t want a pile of postcards when they get back. I want the postcards to be mailed to me.

Yesterday I went to the mailbox and found a postcard waiting for me that Nader had sent me from London.



It is worth noting that I didn’t do any digital magic to the back of the postcard. That is how Nader sent it to me. No message, just a simple: “From: Nader”. I’m telling you, it is Classic Nader.