Little White Lye Product Endorsement Part 2

Little White Lye Soap
Little White Lye Soap

Now that you have a solid understanding of the economic benefits of making your soap of choice Little White Lye Soap, you might be wondering: “Who is soap for?”

3. This is a man’s soap.

Finally, there is a soap for men. For years and years and years men have been forced to wander the soap aisle of their store of choice looking for a soap that made them clean but didn’t leave them smelling like their Aunt Florence. Quite frankly there aren’t many options. The smell of lilacs and lavender shouldn’t come from a man’s shower. When a man is done showering, he should smell like a man. A clean man, but a man nonetheless. He shouldn’t smell like a rose. He shouldn’t smell like a strawberry. He’s a man and he should smell like a man. A clean man.

Let’s face it. The only soap on the market today that is safe for a man to use is Lava. There is no denying it. Lava is a manly soap. However, Lava is to be used when a man is done changing the oil in his car. You can’t take Lava into the shower with you. Lava has pumice in it. That is great for getting transmission fluid off your hands, but you can’t use pumice on your twig and berries. Not if you want to keep them fully functional and your vocal range within its proper manly octave.

Little White Lye Soap steps into this vacuum that has been created by The Man’s estrogen drenched soap monopoly.

Why is LWL a Man’s soap?

It is strong. It is powerful. You can work on your rig all day and LWL has the prowess to get your hands clean, but it is versatile and gentle enough that you can take it into the shower with you and use it on all of your most delicate, but manly parts.

The kicker is that LWL doesn’t contain any perfumes or oils. A man can take a shower and clean himself from head to toe and when he comes out of the shower he can smell good, but not fruity. He can leave the fruity smells to his female friends. It smells good on them.

4. Little White Lye is a woman’s soap. Now I don’t want to come off like I’m an expert on the female body. But I believe I have studied the female form as much as any other layman and there are parts that I have committed to memory. What I can tell you from those studies is that LWL is great for a woman’s sensitive skin.

You see it goes back to the old no perfumes or oils. Those things are bad for your skin. LWL is good for your skin because it doesn’t dry it out.

Are you using enough lotion to soften the skin of the entire population of a small Pacific Island? Then it is time to change your soap to LWL. A soap that doesn’t dry out your skin and leave you dependent on lotion.

5. Little White Lye has a wide variety of products. Although this is a soap based company, LWL offers a variety of complimentary products. They include the following:

Little White Lye Soap
Bars of Soap

Little White Lye Soap
Mini Loofah

Little White Lye Soap Remix
Full Loofah

Little White Lye Soap
Laundry Soap

Little White Lye Soap Remix
12 Loads of Laundry

Little White Lye Soap
30 Loads of Laundry

Little White Lye Soap
50 Loads of Laundry

Little White Lye Soap Remix

That is a pretty impressive array of products and the list is growing. I’m not sure I should be telling you this, but a few weeks back I was hanging around the R&D staff and she let me in on this juicy little tidbit. There is a foaming soap on the horizon as well.

Not that LWL needs to add to its veritable arsenal of cleaning products. I can tell you from experience that the loofah is a cleaning powerhouse. If you pick up that little number, you will come out of your shower fresh as a daisy.

Could be You!

Plus if you have ever compared a nice handmade washcloth to the washcloths turned out by political prisoners in China, (the type they sell in most stores) you know that there is no comparing the quality or the life expectancy. Handmade washcloths are as good as it gets.

Perhaps now you are convinced. Now you know that buying Little White Lye Soap helps your local economy, it is a man’s soap, it is a woman’s soap and you know that you have a wide selection of choices. If this describes you, then you should visit the link below to learn more about this wonderful company:

Little White Lye Soap

There is a chance that you haven’t been convinced yet. That is okay. I still have 5 more excellent reasons you should pick a dozen or so bars of soap from the nearest Little White Lye retail outlet.

To Be Continued…