Little White Lye Product Endorsement Part 4

Little White Lye Soap
Little White Lye Soap

We have established the economic benefits of switching to Little White Lye Soap. We have established the universal appeal of Little White Lye Soap. We have shown the wide range of products available from Little White Lye Soap. We have displayed the practical uses of a soap that is so powerfully gentle. We have shown that Little White Lye Soap is the behemoth of the soap world, tipping the scales at nearly 6 ounces.

The only thing left to wonder about is what type of people are you getting into business with when you purchase your first bar of LWL.

In the briefest of terms, wonderful people.

Wonderful People

8. Little White Lye Soap provides tremendous customer service. For example, say that you are a shut-in, invalid or terminally lazy. You would like to switch to LWL, but you just can’t make it to the nearest retail outlet. LWL will hand deliver the soap to your door. That is the type of customer service that you just don’t see any longer. Little White Lye Soap isn’t your ordinary company, they actually care about their customers and they show it with their superior products and superior customer service. The soap is Old School. So is the customer service.

9. Little White Lye Soap is an environmentally friendly company. Little White Lye believes in being stewards of our planet, but they do more than just believe, LWL leads by example.

  • LWL has a virtually non-existent carbon footprint.
  • All LWL products and containers are either recyclable or biodegradable.
  • No electricity or fossil fuels are used in the creation of their products.
  • All baskets or crocks that are used in the production of LWL Soap are reused. There is virtually zero waste.
  • Animals are not used to test any LWL products. (Unless you count this guy.)
  • The lard used in LWL comes from free range hogs.
  • Everything from LWL comes from nature and can return to nature in a harmonious manner.

LWL Keeps the World Safe and Beautiful for this Guy

10. Little White Lye Soap is a brilliant name. It is a pun, but it isn’t punny. It is classic merrymaking. Just having a bar of Little White Lye Soap is an instant conversation starter with even your most boring moribund acquaintances. It is both a great description of the product and at the same time a clever play on words. Would you rather lather up with a product that even has a brilliant name. If the name Dial is the best they could manage, how hard do you think they tried when designing the soap?

There you have it. 10 excellent reasons to stop buying soap from The Man and switch over to a superior product. A product that is greater in size. A product that is both powerful and gentle. A product that is good for your economy. A product that is good for your skin. A product that is good for the environment. A product that is just as good to your clothes as it is to your body. A product that is sold by wonderful people. A product that has a brilliant name.

If you need that website one last time, I will oblige you:

Little White Lye Soap

I expect that next time I see you that you will be cleaner and happier person.