Looking for a Scab

The Baiers and I took Nader out for supper tonight. He leaves for London to be reunited with his family on Saturday. He will be there for six weeks.

That is excellent news for him, but that leaves me without a movie buddy. So I might put out a Help Wanted Ad for a Temp.

Help Wanted

Scab Nader – Temporary position that could last up to six weeks. Job responsibilities involve going to movies with me. Must love art house movies, independent films, foreign films and documentaries. It would be considered a bonus if any applicant can change the name of movies they don’t like with the use of mild profanity. Example: Lord of the Crap. Applicants should forward their resume and list of favorite movies to bennett@photography139.com. Applicants that include Sin City or Transformers will have their resumes shredded and then burned. I don’t care what the Equal Opportunity Laws say.

I wonder if I will get any applicants.

6 thoughts on “Looking for a Scab”

  1. If I was in the region I would surely cross the line and be a scab for you. I think I would qualify, although it would be hard to make a list of favorite movies. I’m not good at making lists.

  2. You are right. I have been impressed by the eclectic mix of movies you have been reviewing on Facebook. Seems to me that you should move back to Iowa and start your own museum. People do that right? They just start up their own museum? Bob’s Museum of Stuff He Thinks is Cool and Historically Relevant.

  3. People do start their own museums, but they are usually money pits. I would inevitably be living in a cardboard box soon after starting one.

  4. I don’t know. I’ve read about some pretty crazy small time museum. There is one in western Iowa that just has jars of dirt some guy collected from around the world.

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