The subject of this entry is not a reference to the Spartans. This is the 300th entry in An Artist’s Notebook.

This post is mostly to announce to the world in general:

“You’ve beaten me, again!!”

It isn’t the first time that the world has beaten me. It certainly won’t be the last.

A few weeks back I indicated that I was getting an alarmingly high amount of text messages on my phone and it was time to get a text messaging package. I knew that the bell had tolled for me, but I did nothing about it.

Until today. After volunteering at the Jaycee’s Bowling Challenge (where incidentally I think I was the least favorite volunteer of the people running the Challenge) I made the trip to the mall and signed up for a text messaging package.

There you have it world. You win again. Feel free to text message me to the fullest of your heart’s desire. You won’t hear me grumble about it ever again.

I also picked up a new phone. The keypad was fading fast on the old phone. I didn’t pick up anything fancy like Jesse or Willy. However, I do now get the joy of putting in new Caller ID Photos of my friends and create new ringtones for them. That will give me something to do. I just need to figure out just the right song and just the right picture for each friend.

I still need to get the old pictures off my phone. That could make for an interesting entry some time in the future.