Taiwan Times – September Issue

Here is Mark’s September newsletter.

Hi everybody!

I know this is not my formal newsletter, but I did want to take a little time to give you a quick update about how things are going. I’ll write something a little more formal in October.

I hope and pray all is well with all of you. God has really blessed me this past month, as we have started off another school year here at Concordia Middle School. My classes have been great so far and I am especially excited about my Senior 1 Advanced English class. These kids are such hard workers and are willing to share ideas and learn from each other.

I would like to also share a praise from an out of school fellowship. Two weeks ago we kicked off another year of OSF (On-campus Student Fellowship). This is for the students who live at school and it is a chance for them to sing songs, learn about Jesus, and have some social time with other students. 90 students attended our first event. There we learned about how God has made us all special, with different talents.

Last Thursday we had our second meeting, and over 70 were in attendance. I led the evening, and we sang several songs and watched a movie clip, from School of Rock. During the clip, the new teacher declared there would be no grades, and then he tore up the report card. We talked about how students would feel if this happened to them, especially if the scores were low test scores. Students here in Taiwan are extremely worried about test scores and grades in school.

I related the movie to God’s love in Jesus. We all have low points and wrongs that we have committed, but for God grades don’t matter. Jesus will tear up all of those mistakes and the only important thing will be his love for us. Yes grades might help us here in the world, but in heaven our test grades or sins will not be important. We will be forgiven and living with God. Please pray that the message of Christ’s love will grow in the hearts of the students who attend OSF.

Prayer time

Please pray for the following, according to the will of God:

1. Pray for the OSF students that God would create faith in their hearts.
2. Pray for my time management as I balance teaching with leading Bible studies and taking on online classes. It can be busy, but God is ever present.
3. Please pray for all of the missionaries here in Taiwan, that we may be encouraged in the work God has given us. Also that we may boldly share Christ with those we meet.
4. Pray for Salvation Lutheran Church as we still do not have a pastor.
God’s peace to all of you,

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