Arizona Day 7

Day 7 in Arizona was the final day of work.

I spent most of the morning talking to a Native American Flute Artist by the name of Travis Terry. He both made and played flutes.

I asked him how he learned to make flutes, expecting a story about his grandpa on the reservation.

The answer came back: “Long Beach High Shop Class.”

A little disappointing, but at least he was honest.

I bought one of his CDs and he gave me a friend’s discount. He was an interesting guy.

He is coming to Iowa to play this summer, I might have to go check him out.

After “working”, I spent the majority of the day sitting by the pool reading Six-Word Memoirs. It is a fascinating book that Shannon lent me where people try to sum up their life in six words.

After a couple hours and an extensive phone call back home, Jesse’s family arrived at the resort.

We spent about an hour swimming with Jesse’s nephew and then loaded up in their car and headed to the nearest town looking for edible food.

We parked right next to the World’s 2nd Largest Fountain. It was a thing of beauty. I almost wish I would have brought my camera into town so I had a picture of it to share.

We ate at a restaurant that was half Italian and half Mexican and 100% slow. We sat on the Italian side of the restaurant and waited over an hour for our food. On the positive side, the food was good when it came and I made the waitress’s day when I ordered some Mexican Apple Soda.

I don’t think that anybody has been that impressed with me since the flight attendant on our first flight out to Arizona.

After our food, we returned to the room for an exciting night of watching Man vs. Food.

We were flying back to Iowa in the morning.