Day 2 – Things Start to Look Different

Day 2 at the house involved a ton of work on the cabinets. Carla put a coat of paint on the bathroom walls. The carpet removal team started their work.

Day 2 - Things Start to Look Different
I don’t remember the actual name of this color, so we will call it green.

Day 2 - Things Start to Look Different
I respect Carla and her painting ability, but I will always think that she is a coward because she didn’t use the family heirloom (she used that fancy yellow stool) to do her painting, but I will get into the family heirloom in more detail at a later date.

Day 2 - Things Start to Look Different
Jesse and Roger ripping out the hideous green carpet that was in the office. The wood floor underneath this carpet was a little rough, but nothing too bad.

Day 2 - Things Start to Look Different
Jesse working on carpet removal.

Day 2 - Things Start to Look Different
Jason, Jesse and Roger starting the carpet removal in the living room/dining room.

I spent a good chunk of this Thursday night in the basement sanding kitchen cabinet doors so that they could be primed and then painted. Maybe some of you don’t know about sanding, but when you get into the “zone” you can’t stop. You can’t be disturbed.

On about cabinet door #25, I hit the sweet sanding zone. It was at this time that Alexis came down to the basement and told me that I was needed upstairs.

I politely explained that I was in the zone and I was to be left alone.

She went back upstairs. I returned to the sweet bliss of the zone.

3 or 4 minutes went by and she returned.

“They really need you upstairs. Robowood says he needs you.”

“I don’t know anything about Robowood. Tell them I am in the zone.”

Alexis left and I returned to the sweet bliss of the sanding zone.

5 minutes later Alexis returned.

“They say they really need you upstairs.”

“Did you explain the zone to them?”

“I told them, they say it is an emergency!”

“Of course, they don’t know anything about the zone, tell them I will be up in a moment.”

I finished the rest of the doors and went upstairs to find the first real major hiccup of the new homestead.

Those who know me at all or at least pretend to know me know this one thing, I am a big fan of wood floors. One of the big selling points of this house for me was the wood floors that had been tragically hidden by ugly carpet.

My carpet removal team (consisting of Jason, Robowood and Uncle Roger) had ripped into their job with a great amount of zeal. Perhaps too much zeal.

They had ripped up and cut the carpet in the dining room without looking at the wood underneath. This turned out to be a problem because the wood floor underneath the dining/living room turns out to not be finished.

Turns out I have a summer project I wasn’t counting on.

The carpet removal team turned into the carpet taping back together team.

Day 2 - Things Start to Look Different
Putting the carpet back together under the watchful eye of Mom.

It was a pretty good day’s work.