The Adventure of Home Ownership Begins

On Wednesday, February 25, 2009, I officially became a homeowner.

I arrived at the office of my Mortgage Broker and signed papers with a lawyer for about 30 minutes. I fully intended to count how many times I signed my name and put my initials on the bottom of other papers, but after about 5 minutes I truly lost count.

After all the papers were signed, the lawyer and Tracy (the mortgage broker) congratulated me.

I remembered perhaps the strangest congratulation that I received during this process. It came from Sara and for some reason I said what she had told me.

“When I told my friend Sara that I was buying a house she told me, ‘Congratulations! You’ve never been closer to foreclosure in your life!'”

Although Sara is frequently witty and often funny and almost always amusing, this joke didn’t go over so well in a room with a mortgage broker, a real estate lawyer and a real estate agent.

Lori gave me the keys to the house and she took a picture with my phone.

I went to pack up some of my purchases of the previous month and took them over to what was now my house with the cute backyard.