October Leaves

The guest bedroom. I view it as my library, but most people view as the cowboy room.

When I got around to picking the color for this room, I had already picked blue for my bedroom, red for the kitchen, gray for the office and green for the bathroom. I didn’t want to take away from the thunder of those rooms, so I wanted a different color.

A couple years back Monica gave me a sweet painting for my birthday.

New House
Monica’s Painting

I wanted to take a color out of this painting for the rest of the room. On one of the days that we went light fixture shopping, I showed this painting to Shannon. She suggested taking one of the brown tones out of it.

From these ideas, I ended up with yellow. I’m not sure how I got there, but I ended up with a color called October Leaves.

New House
October Leaves with the light switch plate cover that matches the light fixture.

New House
The first new light fixture I purchased for the house.

Some people have remarked that the yellow is so bright that it would be difficult to sleep in that room. I guess I’ve never really considered that to be my problem.