The Great Room

I actually struggled quite extensively with picking out colors for the living/dining room. I wanted to do the accent wall thing and I didn’t want to match any of the colors in any of the other rooms. Red, blue, gray, yellow and green were all taken. I was heading towards brown.

But another complication was buying an area rug. Shannon went shopping for the area rug with me. After I picked one out she noted that I could take the colors for the wall out of the rug. So I picked up even more brown paint sample cards.

New House
The brownish section of the area rug.

That night I was getting a haircut from Monica. I took the paint cards with me to get her advice because she is usually my color coordination guru.

After looking at the cards, she really liked Cocoa Brown and Bamboo together.

New House

I had to agree that they looked good together and I had finally picked out all of the paint colors for my house.

I also added a ceiling fan to the living room. I thought long and hard about this decision as well. Finally I settled on this beast due to its 60 inch blades.

New House

It also had a remote, but as it turns out, with a 3 way switch, this type of remote doesn’t really work. So I actually have to stand up off my couch and turn the fan on or off. It feels like I’m living in the middle ages.

The last new addition to the living room area was the new switch covers.

New House

Although I like the look of these covers, if you slip the slightest bit on installing these things, you take a chunk out of them with the screwdriver.