The Kitchen

The room that has proven to be the most work by far has been the kitchen. The walls took 6-7 coats of paint.

New House
Cranberry Punch

I originally was considering a color called Raspberry Couli, but I had a lengthy conversation one day with Sara about red paint. She painted her television room Cranberry Punch and after I examined it rather closely, I knew that this was the shade of red for me.

But the walls were just a small part of the challenge. The biggest part of the challenge was the kitchen cabinets.

Luckily, Becky had a great idea that made lots of work, but made the cabinets look a million times better. She noticed that the ugly trim work on the front of the cabinets was only held on with tiny nails.

After knocking off the trim work, the cabinets had to be sanded down and given 3 coats of primer and another 3 coats of paint.

Plus I put on new handles and hinges.

New House
Flat and clean. No ugly trim.

New House
New hardware. A silver metal finish to match the new appliances.

New House
New spring loaded hinges, so that we didn’t have to put all of the magnets back on.

New House
As you can tell, there still are a couple of doors that need to go back on.

The good news is that the kitchen is almost done. A little more paint and hanging up a couple more doors and it will be a finished masterpiece.