The Master Bedroom

The very first color I decided on was for the bedroom. I was kind of partial to Dutch Boy paint because an old high school chum used to wear a Dutch Boy hat around. Plus, I like the plastic paint jug with a pour spout. Plus, I picked up paint samples from Menard’s and they carry Dutch Boy.

I wanted a light blue for the bedroom because I wanted something that was serene. I initially had a difficult time not picking colors by their name alone. I really wanted to paint my room a color called Picasso’s Blue Period, but it was a very dark blue and my intention was to stay away from dark colors, except for in the kitchen and the accent wall for the living room.

After I gave up on Picasso, I became fixated on a color called Sense of Time. I knew for sure I had a winner when Jesse compared it to lavender. He thought it was effeminate.

Jesse has long standing sexual insecurities that make him make proclamations like that.

New House
Sense of Time with the new light switch plate cover.

I had many aids in helping pick out the new look for the house, but I don’t know if any were more helpful than Shannon. She volunteered to go light fixture shopping and we spent many an hour in a hardware superstore standing in an aisle looking straight up at the ceiling.

New House
The master bedroom ceiling fan.

I don’t know if ceiling fans are a big passion of mine. But I am very pleased with this ceiling fan. It is a Hunter and it can blast air at full speed and you never hear a thing.

The light switch plate cover (and the not pictured outlet covers) were purchased to match the chrome finish of the ceiling fan.