Happy Birthday Jay!

I think I’m going to create a hybrid of the 2 birthday salute styles that I have tried in the past.

Happy Birthday Mr. Janson!

Kalona Road Trip - 2008
Jay in Kalona

Halloween - 2008
Jay Carving Pumpkins

Jay in Beautiful Downtown McCallsburg

Jay in Kelley

Ottumwa House
Jay-Working It in Ottumwa (Rob Gorshe Admires His Work)

Jay's Last Drink
Jay Boozing It Up in Mankato

Jay in the Stephens Parking Lot after Watching Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Iowa State Fair - 2007
Jay at the Iowa State Fair

Eastern Iowa Road Trip - 2006
Jay in Clinton with a Couple Dudes He Knows

Jay and Some Dude in Colo

But I do have more pictures of Jay in the Snapshots Gallery. But you can also click on the link below to find about 20 more pictures of Jay.

Jay Christopher Janson

There is also a random picture of Bill in the mix as well.