Wednesday Surprise

I usually spend Wednesday nights at open gym honing my basketball craft to a fine art. I had plans of continuing this honing on this Wednesday night, but it wasn’t to be.

As I was working away at the Computer Mine, my phone rang. The smiling face (not really smiling) that looked back at me when I picked up my phone was Becca. This was somewhat of a surprise because I haven’t talked to Becca in a few months, but not a complete surprise because this week was supposed to be Closing Day on Bethany’s new house. I thought the call would be related to that adventure, but it wasn’t.

Becca was in town and wanted to know if I had plans for the night.

I told her I didn’t have any plans that I couldn’t break for her.

She suggested we meet up for supper and as a bonus, I would get to meet her boyfriend Gelli.

I told her it was a deal.

I decided to shaft on basketball. Not only was Becca a higher priority, but after my performance on Sunday I know that the full arsenal of my basketball game is coming back. To practice my game even more would be the equivalent of a capital gains tax cut. The rich get richer.

Sure, some of that wealth would trickle down to the poorer players through my greatness. Assists, offensive rebounds, help defense, drawing double-triple-quadruple teams, zone stretching outside range and zone collapsing post moves are just some of the examples of ways that my teammates would feel the trickle of my wealth.

But, to improve too much more just seems greedy.

My game might have suffered slightly, but I had a great supper with Becca, Gelli, Tim and Barb.

After the dinner, I did take a picture of Becca and Gelli.

Becca and Gelli

The classic Becca fake portrait smile. I prefer the Becca smirk.

But any time you can get her to have her picture taken is a victory. No matter the facial expression.