This picture was taken on the Lost Lake Trail. A place that is well documented to be one of my favorite photography retreats. I particularly enjoy taking frog photos in this locale.

This picture was selected by Jill for the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest:

Although Jill liked the photo, its intent was completely lost on the judges. For the first time ever, the judges left their commentary on the back of the photos. I purposely amped up the digital noise in this image. The judges didn’t think that was on purpose or didn’t like it. Their commentary included suggestions for lowering the noise in the picture. That included using a lower ISO (which the picture was taken with a low ISO) and using a tripod (which the picture was taken with a tripod).

Oh well, it wasn’t the first time that a picture of mine was not understood/loved by photo contest judges. I do have a 3 year (going for 4 in 2010!) streak of the State Fair giving me the bird going.