4 thoughts on “RPotW #2: Soothing”

  1. It is a self-portrait.

    It also isn't the original idea. I originally took a few self portraits at McHose. Including one of me lying on the ground because my attempt to jump a fence ended poorly.

    But with the awesome fog, I ended up at Iowa State taking pictures after working on a personal photo project with Derrick. This picture is a result of the time I spent on campus.

  2. I kind of want to see the one of you lying on the ground if you do a week on "Humorous." 🙂

    It's really a poignant photo.

  3. That would violate the 1 rule of Random Picture of the Week project. The picture has to be taken the week of the project.

    I don't think humorous was one of the options either.

    But I'll email you a copy of that picture.

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