March 11 was the birthday of Baier. Happy Birthday Baier!

Baier with The Red Barn Tenderloin

The Baiers

Baier and a sweet balloon hat!

Where all Kansas City Chief fans belong! (On a museum tour of Fort Dodge.)

Carrie Baier and Baier

The Baiers

Baier and the Boys

Fatherhood. It isn’t easy like motherhood.

A moment of discovery.

Carrie Baier and Baier

Traditional Road Trip Photo

It was also Dawn’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dawn!

Dawn at Bonne Finken

3 thoughts on “2(Happy+Birthday)”

  1. Thank you Chris. It seems for expecting a quiet birthday I didn’t fly under too many people’s radars this year.

    I really like the photos you took of the Baier family at Ledges. Even though I don’t know them, the happiness you captured makes me smile every time you post from that outing.

  2. Sorry I missed your suprise party. I just read your daughter’s email this weekend. Hope it was a good time.

  3. No worries. I still have no clue half of who she invited! It was a good turnout for the odd time of day she had to plan it in order to catch me off guard. It was a good time and very pleasant evening 🙂

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