I did the publicity stills for the latest community theater production by ACTORS. This is what they look like:

Shannon Bardole
Shannon Bardole – Props

Troy Rutter
Troy Rutter – Director

Odie John Lofton
Odie John Lofton – Light Tech

Jane Johnson
Jane Johnson – “Dolly”

Jennifer Nieland
Jennifer Nieland – “Nedra”

Josh Van Waes
John VanWaes – “Steve”

Lanette Woodard
Janette Woodard – Costumes

Melissa Krepfle
Melissa Krepfle – “Heidi”

Cheryl Rogers
Cheryl Rogers – “Ethel”

Christopher D. Bennett
Christopher D. Bennett – Photographer (Photo by Shannon Bardole)

Dean Stevens
Dean Stevens – “William”

Geri Derner
Geri Derner – Co-Producer

Jarius Davis
Jairus Davis – “Bill”

Amanda Green
Amanda Green – “Kathy”

Barb Lofton
Barb Lofton – Stage Manager

Belinda Merritt
Belinda Merritt – Co-Producer

Ben Smith
Ben Smith – “Larry”

Brian Parrish
Brian Parrish – “Brad”

The play is called Game Show. It is playing Friday and Saturday nights, plus Sunday afternoons from April 9 through April 25. Tickets run you $15.00, cheap!

Also, I get 2 free tickets, so if you are interested, let me know.

Plus if you go on certain nights, you can meet people who were on actual game shows. Including a couple people that were on that Survivor show. Plus the woman that is married to that weather guy on channel 8.

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  1. Oh and … by the way… did you notice that was YOUR photograph of Alexis with her cheer team in the Kansas City Competition that appeared in the Boone News Republican last week? Sorry you didn’t get the credit for that!

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