RWPE #14 – Symmetry and Patterns

The submissions for last week’s theme: Symmetry and Patterns.

Becky Perkovich

Michael Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

Dawn Krause

Julie Johnson

Dawn’s Weekly Poem

Symmetry and Patterns

See the parallels in our lives
Lines drawn in to the sands of time
Running forever side by side
Just like a perfect worded rhyme
From pain to sad to glad and joy
We’re all alike more than we think
Foundations in stone bind our hearts
Just open our minds to that link

The theme for this week is:

Long Exposure

I don’t know if there is a good way to define “long exposure”. This is how I’m going to define it and while it most likely isn’t technically correct, it is good enough for me. The human hand can only remain steady for 1/15 of a second. Therefore a long exposure could be defined as a picture with a shutter speed longer than 1/15 of second.

Of course you can define “Long Exposure” however you want. Maybe you have a pasty friend with a sunburn. Maybe you have a friend that keeps chili in the fridge well past a time when it should have been thrown away.

It will be interesting to see what people decided to do with this theme.

3 thoughts on “RWPE #14 – Symmetry and Patterns”

  1. Freaky? I’m just hoping that people notice it. That is why I left the background in the picture. As a secondary visual clue.

    Unless you are talking about somebody else’s picture. Then you are right, it is freaky.

  2. Nope, I meant yours. 🙂 I realized afterwards that I should have been more specific. It looks really awesome, but in a way that you can’t really look away.

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