Vacation Day 9B – Mother’s Day Early

I broke Day 9 into two post because of the large amount of pictures, if you recall. You are about to see the rest of those pictures.

After all the flowers were planted, we all went our separate ways to wash up. Then the family reunited at the Stensland home to celebrate Mother’s Day a week early since Teresa was going to be in the Bluegrass State for Mother’s Day.

Here are some pictures of the celebration:

I know… I overuse this technique…

At this point, Alexis wanted to take some pictures, so I let her take some pictures.

Then Alexis gave me the camera back to take a few pictures of her hamsters.

The celebration concluded a pretty special week. I think I might be ready for vacation again though.

3 thoughts on “Vacation Day 9B – Mother’s Day Early”

  1. Some of these photos look like they’d be awesome candidates for this week’s photo challenge!

    It looks like a great time! I hope that mouse didn’t go the way of what you wanted to do with the guinea pig at that restaurant…

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous vacation full of fun!

    I learned tonight that I can’t read your blog with Scott peering over my shoulder. He is now asking for both a hamster and a trampoline. I had to quickly leave the page & come back to comment!

    Ummm…. did you purposely land on your back? I should say you were moving around pretty well Saturday night if it was a failed flip attempt.

    You may have your hands full with your niece… she seems to be taking after her uncle with the camera.

  3. Angie,

    Not to get too technical, but these pictures are examples of blur caused by long exposure and subject movement. This week’s theme is to cause blur by moving the camera. But of course, using those pictures would violate the one and only rule of RWPE.

    I won’t be eating hamsters any time soon, but they could become a meal for the family dogs at some point.


    I did purposely land on my back. It was part of the one and only trampoline trick that is in my “arsenal”.

    There is definitely a photography gene in the Bennett DNA pool.

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