Personal Photo Project of the Week No. 24 Alpha

Personal Photo Project of the Week No. 24 was to take pictures of daisies. I went in to this project wondering if I could take a better daisy picture than “The Solace of Ordinary Humanity”, but I made the attempt.

I will split the daisy pictures into two separate posts as an attempt to maximize appreciation. I hope it works.

The Girl in the Blue Skirt

Here are some more pictures from the “The Girl in the Blue Skirt” Photo Session:

I am a fan of daisies and “I” have planted some daisies in my yard since I took these pictures 4 weeks ago. I hope to have a decent sized daisy patch in the future.

3 thoughts on “Personal Photo Project of the Week No. 24 Alpha”

  1. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but walking past Monica’s house on the way to school, with patches of daisies in the front yard was always my favorite thing about spring. These are lovely.

  2. That reminds me that I need to frame some flower pictures to take to Monica’s Mom’s Flower Shop.

    I’ve been putting that off for too long.

  3. Both posts from the session were beautiful. I think my absolute favorite is the 13th one down on this post. Amazingly different perspective 🙂

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