Post No. 850

Every 100 or so posts, I like to make a list of the most popular pictures on this blog.

Here is the list of the 10 most popular photos in the Artistic Gallery.

1. Outburst of the Soul

2. Self-Portrait

3. Jen Relaxing Between Sets

4. Grizzly McAlpine

5. Rebecca – Senior Pictures

5. UnHingd Publicity Photo

7. Abandoned Piano – McCallsburg

7. Obama

7. Obama

Campanile Self-Portrait

7. Alexis – US 30 Flood

The 10 Most Popular Pictures in the Snapshots Gallery

1. Jesse and I with the World’s Largest Cheeto

2. Jesse eats a Bob’s Dog

3. Jesse and I at the Surf Ballroom

4. Jesse Kissing the Blarney Stone in Emmetsburg

5. Shannon reading map in Backbone

5. Jesse and I in Clinton

5. Jesse in the Surf Ballroom

5. Jen and Shannon making a deal at a Bonne Finken Concert

5. Cousin Amy, Sara and Jen at a Bonne Finken Concert

5. Sara and Jen at a Bonne Finken Concert

Robert checking out the view in Balltown

If you want to see how this list has changed since the last time I posted it follow this link:

Number 750

I will check this out again in another 100 Journal Entries.

One other thing…

If you would like a Username and Password for either of the galleries, send me an email with what you would like your username and password to be, and I will get you set up.

Having an account to the Galleries allows you to Rate, Favorite and Comment on Pictures. Plus, it allows you access to the “Secret” Albums.

5 thoughts on “Post No. 850”

  1. It’s interesting and really cool that almost all of the top artistic ones are black-and-white photos.

  2. Angie,

    That does please me also. As you know, my primary love will always be black and white.


    Don’t want to pick on you, but do you know what is the most annoying question in the world?

    It is: Really?

    The gap is so great between that and whatever is the 2nd most annoying question in the world that I don’t even know what is the 2nd most annoying question in the world.

    Yes, there really are Albums that can only be seen if a person is logged into the Galleries.

  3. I found the overwhelming desire to start this blog comment with the question “really?”. But since I have restrained the sarcastic side of my humor I will tell you that I have both a user name and password and could not identify which albums were supposedly ‘secret’. These leaves three possible solutions; one: I am of privileged status to view them, two: they are simply not labeled ‘secret’, or three: they don’t exist. You can let me know which it is when you get done picking on me.

  4. There are 3 albums you can see only when you are logged in:

    An Artist’s Notebook
    Submitted Random Photos of the Week
    Slice of Life

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