Personal Photo Project of the Week No. 27


This is a 6 (in reality a 7 part project but shhhh….. both of you that know the endgame) part project. In case you have forgotten:

Part 1

More pictures from The 2/6 Photo Session:

Part 3/6 is scheduled to be published on September 17.

I am headed to Minnesota tonight with Sara to eat at Gasthof Zur Gemutlickeit, see Troll 2, witness Flugtag and of course see The Swell Season in concert. I’m also hoping to catch up with some Minnesota friends (Jill, The Britsons, Matthew) and formally congratulate Bethany and John on their engagement.

I’m returning to the Cyclone State on Monday at a time yet to be determined. Since I don’t want anybody to lose a minute of time on next week’s RWPE I will reveal the Random Generator’s choice for next week’s theme now:


Personally I think this is the best of the 52 themes. I hope there are lots of submissions. I’m looking at you people that I have helped buy a camera in the past…

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  1. Jen looks just amazing – and these are the perfect pictures to have down the road. I love that you’re doing this project for them!

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