3 thoughts on “Slice of Life Vol. 7”

  1. Look how clean my bedroom was! That must have been right after we moved in because we had hardwood floors for a short time before Mom and Dad carpeted the upstairs. Look at that awesome stereo system I had. Got that one year from Santa (JCPenney). I remember picking it out in their JCP Christmas catalog.

    That lion picture on my bedroom wall still hangs on my bedroom wall today and always will. Dad got that for me at an auction sale because I’m a “LEO”. I miss auction sales.

    Also-that dresser is in my bedroom now too. Mom gave that to me when she moved to Benton St.

  2. I never knew that came from an auction sale. I haven’t seen it in years, but I remember it being in really good condition and often things that come from auction sales aren’t in that good of condition.

    Do they even have Christmas catalogs any longer? I remember looking through those catalogs as a child to painstakingly make a Christmas list with page numbers and everything else.

    Do you still have the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls?

    We should go to an auction at some point. I have been to a few here and there, but they aren’t that much fun alone and when you aren’t really buying.

  3. There don’t seem to be as many auction sales any more like there used to be. If you find one worth going to and we are both free–I’d love to go.

    I may have one of the Raggedy dolls. One got ruined in my basement. I wish I would have stored them some place else.

    I don’t know if they still print the JCP Christmas catalog. Fond memories of circling the items I wished for. 🙂

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