3 thoughts on “Slice of Life Vol. 8”

  1. Many good times were had on that swingset! I miss my dog Buffy! Dang neighbors shot her. 🙁

    You can quit posting pics of me in my class day dress now…..ugh!

    Who is the baby at Christmas?

  2. The slides are just randomly thrown in a box and I just grab 16 or so randomly and scan them. I can’t control what I find. Although I have my doubts that there are any more left of your class day pictures. But who knows? That is what makes this an adventure.

    I would like to say that when I first saw those pictures I was blown away by how young you looked. I didn’t think you looked old enough to be a Senior. That must be a sign of my old age and decrepitude.

    I still think that neighbor has some revenge coming his way for shooting Buffy. Unless he is already dead, because he is probably pretty old by now.

    I have no clue who the baby is and there weren’t any dates on those slides. That sounds like a question for Mom.

  3. The man that shot Buffy is still alive. I just saw him at Val’s dad’s funeral a couple of months ago. He is Val’s uncle.

    By the way, I still look young! LOL

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