3 thoughts on “Personal Photo Project of the Week No. 28”

  1. These are grotesquely beautiful. Except for the fly – that is just grotesque, even though the composition of the photo is amazing. 🙂

  2. (There are also several that are “regular” beautiful – the butterflies, etc. aren’t grotesque.)

  3. Insects are beautiful. There is no denying that.

    I really should photograph them more often, but they are an extremely difficult subject. They are small and they more a lot.

    While I shouldn’t bring this up, I will. They are actually easier to photography when they are dead, because they don’t move and they pretty much look the same as they do when they are alive.

    Although all the insects photographed in this journal entry were still alive.

    That monster fly though scared me. I had flies in my yard this year that were scary in size.

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