I wasnt able to get out and about to see much of the flooding of Ames yesterday, but here are a few pictures from the flooding near the Computer Mine:

Maybe next flood I will have a chance to prowl around and take more photos. Hopefully that flood isn’t in two days.

4 thoughts on “Contaminationville”

  1. I was going to make a comment about the people wading through the water, but then remembered I did the same thing in ’93. I haven’t made it over to see the flood & really have no intention too, so thanks for the post!

  2. Ew, I am still going to comment on the wading through the water – what if they have a cut on their legs?!? That’s not a good idea at all! I hope they stay healthy!

  3. Dawn,

    There were people tubing around Hilton. I wish I could have gotten over there to take pictures.


    You aren’t going to take this as the stinging insult that it is meant to be, but here it goes anyway:

    “You are such a mom.”

  4. Maybe I’m not as old as I had thought I had gotten. Tubing around Hilton actually sounds a little fun.

    But then again, I think I’ve built up some immunity from the River Romp every year and the triathlon this year.

    I’m with Angie on the wound aspect though. I would question the sanity and general hygiene of anyone that went into water like that with an open cut.

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