RWPE #31 – Paths

The submissions for last week’s theme PATHS:

Dawn Krause

Becky Perkovich

Christopher D. Bennett

Mike Vest

Julie Johnson

Dawn has taken quill in hand again and this is the result:


Two paths we could go love
Two roads we could follow
One leads us to warmth love
Where hearts don’t feel hallow

Lead me gently my love
Down the road we travel
Strengthen ties that bind love
Never to unravel

We could part the road love
For one taken before
Nursing broken hearts love
Forever close that door

That’s not what I want love
That distance from your heart
Hold me in your arms love
Even when we’re apart

The Random Generator has been fired up and spit out a high quality theme for this week:


I don’t think this theme needs a definition, so I’ll just leave you to it!