RWPE #30 – Reflections

There were numerous submissions for last week’s theme REFLECTIONS. I know that more than a few of these weren’t actually taken last week, but I will let it slide this time…

So without further adieu, REFLECTIONS:

Julie Johnson of The Joy is in the Journey
I consider Friday to be a good day to check this website for Photo Fridays!

Mike Vest of Waxen Media
Mondays are a great day to check this website as Mike posts pictures from his “peeps” for this project then.

Scott Krause

Christopher D. Bennett

Dawn Krause of Impassioned Versifier

Becky Perkovich

Carla Stensland A

Carla Stensland B

The Random Generator has been generating and generating and generating and it spit out this week’s theme:


This might be another one of my favorite themes on the list. After all, everybody walks their own path, so I’m assuming there should be some great submissions again next week.