-The voice of Howard Cosell inside my head

At exactly 10 PM on July 29. 2010, I popped the top on two bottles of Virgil’s Micro-brewed Root Beer and Dawn and I celebrated the end of Hedgegeddon. We had just dumped the final body of my fallen enemies into the burn pile at Scottie D.’s Mom’s place. It was over. Mankind was victorious!

It wasn’t easy though. Nature put up a good fight. I have complete and utter respect for nature, but on this front, I was the victor.

It took quite the effort though:

  • 3 spades were broken
  • 1 shovel met its demise
  • 2 pairs of gloves were destroyed
  • I was forced to bring a hat out of retirement
  • 3 different trucks were used
  • 2 sets of chains
  • 7 different people helped in the process
  • 2 different neighbors stopped by to say that it looked like “hard work”

Thanks to the following people for helping me win my ultimate battle with nature:

  • Scottie D.
  • Jason
  • Derrick
  • Dawn
  • Willy
  • Becky
  • Jesse

We took a few pictures of the ceremonial removing of the final hedge. Scottie D. was there at the beginning and there at the end, so he gets a very special thanks. Plus he even cut down a bonus bush after we removed the final hedge.

The Last Hedge

The Path of Destruction

Dead Hedge Waiting to be Removed

The Last Hedge

Scottie D. and I with the Last Hedge

The Same

The Beginning of the End

The Battle is Almost Won

A Matter of Time…

Down Goes Nature! Down Goes Nature!

Mission Accomplished

Present Arms

Scott claimed that he would be able to cut down this bush in under 1 minute. I pulled out the old Gra Lab Enlarger Timer and timed him.

I haven’t seen a wife prouder of her husband since Jen and Derrick when he took down the Gunderburger.

He didn’t quite make his 1 minute goal, but Scott definitely took this bush down in under 3 minutes.

Doing a little cleanup.

Now that the destruction part of my backyard plan has been completed (for now… I’m looking at you currant bushes) I will be diving head first into my fence building plan.

I smell a fence building party on the horizon!

2 thoughts on “Megiddo”

  1. I’ve never helped build a fence, but I’m sure willing to try. After fence construction comes a dog?

  2. I’ll put you down on the list.

    It isn’t extremely hard although my fence will be extremely time consuming because it will be built board by board. Plus almost every board will have to be cut.

    After fence construction will come a dog, but probably not this year. Probably Spring/Early Summer next year.

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