RWPE #34 – Food

I had a submission for last week’s theme from Becky Perkovich, but during some computer swapping it has been temporarily lost, but I’ll post it as soon as I am able to locate it. Here are the other submissions for FOOD:

Dawn Krause

Christopher D. Bennett

Mike Vest

Julie Johnson

Dawn’s Poem of the Week

Food For Thought

Rich and creamy French silk pie
Makes me glisten with devilish eye
Perhaps an apple for my health
Wise choice yes, but not for wealth
Maybe celery to trim me down
Without peanut butter makes me frown
Popcorn then my snack shall be
But alas, none on the shelf I see
Crackers then will be my way
Hope they last me through the day…

The Random Generator has spoken and the theme for this week is:


So get off of your feet or get up high. Look at something from a different perspective than you normally see things. I’ll be excited to see the submissions.

2 thoughts on “RWPE #34 – Food”

  1. Always glad to find another fan of Virgil’s Root Beer.

    After all, it is made with all natural ingredients and it is truly the only microbrewed root beer that is brewed.

    Cool and refreshing and never disappointing.

    I dare say it is the Cadillac of Root Beer.

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