State Fair Trip 2 – Collection 1

A few pictures from my trip to the State Fair with Nader. We met up with Mom, Carla and Alexis. Later we met up briefly with the Baiers. I won them some Upper Iowa University band aids. I’m guessing their “Thank You” is in the mail.

At the end of the day Nader thanked me for the best day he has had all year. Quite frankly I wonder why more people don’t thank me for such things.

Alexis’ cheerleading group ran through their routine, but didn’t do any of the actual dangerous stuff.

Star Boars

This sand sculpture is actually more interesting than the movies.

I love this painting! I want it hanging in my house. Just not for $300 smackers.

Alexis won a medal in a tumbling competition that didn’t look the safest to me.

Nader seemed to think this sculpture was of him.

In one of my favorite buildings Pioneer Hall.

A “Mark Twain” style storyteller.

A few more pictures coming on the morrow.

4 thoughts on “State Fair Trip 2 – Collection 1”

  1. Alexis is just beautiful. I love all of the photos – they catch the good parts of the fair (the parts that don’t involve smelly people crowding in line, or trying to find water when it’s 1000 degrees).

  2. I think there are a large amount of people that miss the good points of the Fair. Heck, they even miss the point of the Fair.

    Plus if you have been to the Fair more than one time in your life, you should figure out to bring your own water. Come on people. It is basic economics.

  3. I remember the one Fair to which I didn’t bring water – Sara and I went our freshman year, probably (maybe sophomore?). It was scorching hot – we ended up riding the Old Mill ride about 40 times just to be in the cool and dark. I think we had to get water at the First Aid station that year…

  4. That is an expensive day at the fair. It is $2.50 to ride the the Old Mill now.

    I think with heat at the Fair you just have to get into the mindset to embrace the heat and transportability. You have to embrace it and learn to love the pain.

    At least that is what I do.

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