State Fair Trip 2 – Collection 2

Here are a few more pictures of my trip to the State Fair.

Last year I had only 1 goal and that was to see The Blue Band. Instead of getting to see The Blue Band I was nearly killed on a midway ride and spent the rest of the night trying not to vomit up my innards. This year I was able to see The Blue Band.

Nader’s First Turkey Leg

A Happy State Fair Memory

The DNR Building – One of my favorite buildings.

I would consider putting a pond in my yard, just so I could have water lilies.

Nader wanted his picture taken with the Story County flag.

8 thoughts on “State Fair Trip 2 – Collection 2”

  1. I feel an idea forming here…

    The turtle would love to reside in your backyard tub with some water lilies, I’m sure 😉

    I would even get you the 1st water lilies to get it going!

    We strolled past the Blue Band playing on our way out on Sunday, if we weren’t so exhausted & needing to leave I would have loved to watched them perform again.

  2. I don’t see myself taking the turtle because I don’t need a smelly roommate.

    But, I might consider borrowing him for a weekend if he is still around in a week or so.

    The Blue Band is pretty awesome.

    I have a very strict schedule for seeing everything in the Fair by 7 PM so I can enjoy the music the rest of the night.

  3. I usually don’t like flag pictures, so whenever I take flag pictures I try to make them as interesting as possible.

  4. I’m hoping to pawn it off on some unsuspecting teenager by then, but at this rate it will still be here. You are certainly welcome to take it off my hands for even just a weekend.

    With the first day of school on Monday and the fact that the boy and the Bf were both about to drop from the heat, we left just as they were starting to play. Hopefully they will be back again next year and I can plan a little better.

  5. If the turtle is still in your possession, I would like to have it for Labor Day weekend, but no longer.

    If turtle ownership has been transferred to an unsuspecting third party of some youth, then I will be fine with it.

    If that weekend doesn’t work out, then I’ll have to check my schedule.

    What else can you tell me about the turtle?

    Perhaps next year we will be able to manage a co-State Fair outing.

    But be warned:

    I run a tight ship. No back talk. No dilly dalllying. No resting except for during the scheduled rest times. No leaving because it is too hot.

    The Blue Band has played the Iowa State Fair for 25 straight years. I’m willing to guarantee that they will be back next year.

  6. I would imagine that the turtle will still be in my possession as I am actually more concerned about relocating one cat and 3 rabbits at this point.

    I am by no means an expert on the turtle. I know that it is either a Box or Painted turtle and that it originally came from the Ark in Ames. It is bigger than a saucer but smaller than a dinner plate. It eats something called Reptile Sticks that look suspiciously like dry chow mein noodles. It also enjoys chasing & eating live gold fish which can be rather amusing in a barbaric sort of way.

    I think it has been 8 or 9 years since I last saw the Blue Band perform other than in passing. While I know that they are a tradition at the fair it worries me that all good things come to an end. I would definitely like to see them again before their reign there does comes to an end.

    You don’t have to worry about dilly-dallying or an inability to stand up to the heat from me. I am not a wuss. You may want to remember to pack some gauze though. I’ll need something to soak up the blood when I bite my tongue against my normal good-natured back talking ;P Although plenty of food on a stick may keep my mouth from running.

  7. I don’t know what is in the cards for FNSC this week, but if you are attending, perhaps you could bring the turtle then.

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