Jesse Howard

I think most of you know that I have strange ways of picking pictures for photo contests. I think the most interesting way is how I “pick” the pictures for the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest. In fact, I don’t pick the pictures at all. I have 6 individuals each pick 1 picture from a list of pictures I nominate.

Last year I had all Dolls pick the pictures. This year I had all Guys.

I considered this to be a small social experiment on my part. At least it did allow me to collect data that I find intriguing, even though I know it is mostly meaningless.

Last year I was excited when Jill picked a frog picture. I wrote at that time that I was impressed that a Doll would pick a picture of a frog. I also wrote that I hoped that next year a Guy would pick a flower picture this year.

No guy picked a flower picture.

This is the data that I collected. You can draw your own conclusion about the differences between Guys and Dolls.

  1. Dolls sent me long explanations of the reasons they selected the picture that they selected.  They also sent a list of the other pictures that they considered. Guys sent me back the number of the picture that they had selected. They didn’t elaborate. They didn’t send out a list of the other pictures that they considered.  Only Andree sent an email that consisted of more than just a number.  I only know what other pictures Nader and Willy considered besides their selection because they aren’t very computer savvy and I had to be there to hold their hand through the process.  It is important to note that I gave the Guys and the Dolls identical instructions.
  2. The breakdown of the subject matter of pictures selected by Dolls was as follows: 3 flower pictures, 1 frog picture, 1 people picture and 1 religious picture.  The breakdown of the subject matter of pictures selected by Guys is as follows 0 flower pictures, 0 frog pictures, 0 religious pictures, 1 people picture, 1 animal picture, 1 sculpture picture and 3 landscape pictures.  I’m not surprised that flower pictures got bageled by the Guys, but I thought a frog picture would get some love.
  3. Dolls picked 4 black and white pictures and 2 color pictures. Guys picked 5 color pictures and 1 black and white picture.  I did end up converting 1 color entry to black and white. I know that runs contrary to the spirit of this endeavor, but I did want at least a semblance of balance and I couldn’t stand to only have 1 black and white entry.  Black and white is my first love, after all.
  4. Most Dolls took a fair portion of the 24 hours.  Only Jesse took nearly the full 24 hours to decide.

Without further adieu, here is the selection of Jesse Howard:

2010 - Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest Nominee
Mingled Souls

I don’t think that there is going to be a “gimmick” again next year. I think I’m going to ask 6 people who have never selected before. I already have 4 people in mind, but if you have never selected before, you should leave a comment on why you would make an excellent selector. I will take it under advisement.

4 thoughts on “Jesse Howard”

  1. Great answer, but perhaps playing to the crowd just a little bit too much?

    I’ll definitely keep you in mind!

  2. Maybe. I am, however, now glad that I didn’t say that I like black-and-white frogs that are sitting in front of landscapes (especially religious landscapes, like in front of a church).

  3. Truth is that I don’t really like landscapes all that much. Of all the types of photography there are out there I think that I struggle with landscape photography the most.

    I like landscapes, but I don’t think that I particularly take good landscape pictures.

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