RWPE #36 – Light Placement

There were many more contributors this week. Looks like RWPE is back on track. Here are this week’s submissions for LIGHT PLACEMENT:

Dawn Krause B of Impassioned Versifier

Julie Johnson of The Joy is in the Journey

Mike Vest of Waxen Media

Christopher D. Bennett

Becky Perkovich

Dawn Krause A of The Randomness in My Mind

We’ve been down to the basement that holds the Random Generator. After a few jerks on its ripcord it sputtered and then fired up and then settled down to a nice hum. After thinking for a small bit of time, it spit out the following theme for this week:


That is a good broad theme and one that all Cyclone fans will need this week. Oh no! I’ve given up too much information on my idea. I would think that anybody with a camera or camera phone would be able to contribute something to a theme this broad and open to interpretation. Anybody that doesn’t contribute… I’m just going to have to assume that their life is devoid of hope.

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