3 thoughts on “Personal Photo Project of the Week #35”

  1. These are amazing! The 3rd from the top and 4th from the bottom are my particular favorites, but I am fascinated by the clarity of #1.

  2. Yet I still feel that the lightning picture I want is still eluding me. As you know, I had to cheat to finally get the turtle picture that I wanted.

    I would love to get a tornado picture some day, but I’m not sure I will get that.

    I’ve never seen a tornado in my life. Although there is a bit of family folklore that we were in a farmhouse in Jordan when I was a small child during a tornado.

    Allegedly the tornado jumped the house we were in. I’ve never fully bought this story.

  3. Interesting story. According to my dad he once watched a tornado place a mobile home on top of a light pole across the street from where he was standing. I have always doubted the validity of that family story as well.

    I did however get to watch the clouds above me start “swirling”, forming a partial funnel, when I was about 9 on a Campfire outing. I was too young to actually understand any danger and stood staring in amazement until a leader about yanked my arm off dragging me to the shelter house.

    I have been considering taking a storm spotter class the last couple of years. If I ever get that accomplished you are welcome to ride along while I chase storms.

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