RWE #43 – Smoke Photography

Not so many submissions this week for last week’s theme SMOKE PHOTOGRAPHY. I guess not as many people love fire as I thought loved fire.

Mike Vest

Dawn Krause

Christopher D. Bennett

Dawn’s Poetry Submission:


It’s all just smoke and mirrors
The way you disguise your fears
What you keep hidden from yourself
Keeps love unattainable atop a shelf

Your mind recalls it’s photograph
Of every time you made her laugh
Can you see clearly through your daze
While hiding behind that blackened haze

She caught you peeking in her soul
Wondering if she could make you whole
Instead of fanning that smoldering flame
You choose to hide in billowy shame

Take the chance and build a fire
Make it known your secret desire
She has faith in what you do
Clear the smoke and believe it too

Not many themes left. I fired up the Random Theme Generator. It spit out some smoke. Then it gave a great theme for this week:


This is a theme that should bring out quite a few participants. After all, almost everybody has hands. Everybody knows somebody that has hands. Plus hands do so many wonderful and interesting things.