Personal Photo Project of the Week #45

Turtle Thoughts are Turtle

Special thanks should go to Dawn for loaning me this homeless turtle and to Shannon for acting as turtle wrangler on the inside photos of my stinky friend.

More pictures from the Turtle Thoughts are Turtle Photo Sessions.

My understanding is that this homeless turtle eventually found a home where he is being tortured with country music.

7 thoughts on “Personal Photo Project of the Week #45”

  1. I was totally going to mention Kristal’s Franklin! 🙂 He looks very similar!

    He looks so sage…

  2. I do not remember Franklin smelling, but this guy definitely did. In the month that he lived in my backyard, you could smell him from at least 100 feet.

    He is pretty though. Although he probably wasn’t my friend. In fact, I think he kind of hated me.

    On the positive side, his hiss was way worse than his bite. He was unable to draw blood.

  3. Funny thing… the turtle has found himself homeless again just this past weekend and is currently hibernating (or close to it) in my basement.

    I’m still amazed at how peaceful he looks in your photos!

  4. What did he do to get the boot?

    If I had to guess it was civil disobedience in protest against the terrible music to which he was being subjected.

    I can’t take him back, he just smells too bad.

    I’m barely handling the odors of Foster Q. Bunny. You might have noted he got stuck in the basement for the Big Game Gamewatch.

  5. The stinky turtle still doesn’t play well with others and failed to acclimate to his adopted home. He does actually have an aquarium to reside in now, with a lid which helps keep down the stench. I do believe that the kids are hoping to take him back once they get a new apartment.

    I did notice that Foster had been moved and the Salmon did point me towards the basement. i thought about venturing down to visit Mr. Bunny but decided that tackling stairs was not the most brilliant of ideas with a freshly broken toe.

  6. Perhaps he is a Lone Wolf just like me.

    Can’t be put in some cramped cage with others. He starts to feel the pressure and he has to lash out at others.

    I hear ya, Stinky. I hear ya.

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