RWPE #49 – Love

A few people had their imaginations lit by the concept of LOVE. There were 4 submissions. The male to female ration was 3:1. Proof positive that men are the truly romantic gender.

Mike Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

Jason Baier

Julie Johnson

Only 3 weeks left. The theme for this week might be a little tricky:


I can imagine this will be a hard theme for some people. Especially with a busy holiday season, but I have hope. Maybe there are people that love restaurants more than they love love?

3 thoughts on “RWPE #49 – Love”

  1. I snorted at yours. Very nice. The awesome thing is that I’m fairly sure you didn’t need to borrow those figures.

  2. Julie,

    Is that because otherwise womankind would not have been represented!

    As you know, I’m always glad when you contribute!


    I never name the RWPE pictures, but if I were to name that picture it would be something like “John McCain’s Nightmare”.

    At least I hope the political message of my picture came across.

    I didn’t have to borrow those figures. But on next year’s list of Spring cleaning is sorting out the boxes of old toys in the basement bathroom.

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